Sum Up Reports for Jira App

Getting Started

Using Sum Up Reports for Jira app, you can generate custom sum up reports based on the fields you choose.

App Usage

Sum Up Reports for Jira app provides various sum up and average reports. These are table reports and you can create them by first choosing the report columns (by choosing Project/Saved Filter or writing JQL) and then grouping and summarizing the ones you want. What is beautiful is that you can add this app as a gadget to your Jira dashboards and reach real time data whenever you open your dashboards. This app is also secure by design and we neither store nor process your issue data on our servers.

For more details, please have a look at the highlights and sample reports below.

1. Various Sum and Average Reports in Dashboard Gadgets

You can calculate sum and average of Jira system fields or custom fields. No configuration required, no code required.


2. Real Time Data Visualization by Grouping

By choosing "Group View", you can group your data on any field (sprint, status, assignee, component, project etc.) and sum up the field values (story points, time estimate etc.) or take averages.


3. Real Time Data Visualization by Listing Each Issue

By choosing "List View", you can list the issue fields you want and sum up the values at the bottom.

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