Manage Users for Jira Cloud App

Getting Started

Using Manage Users for Jira Cloud app, you can list all users and detect inactive ones in your Jira, Confluence and Service Management. Then you can deactivate/activate users(individually or in bulk) to reduce your costs and increase your security.


  • The app works on Chrome browser. It requires an additional Chrome extension and you will be prompted to install this extension after you install the app.

  • You must be a Jira admin to use this app.

After installation of the app, “Manage Users” page will be accessible from the top menu as can be seen below.

App Usage

For each person in your company that need to use Jira, Confluence or Service Management, you must create an individual user and grant the necessary access rights.

As time passes, the owner of the user,

  • may leave the company

  • may be assigned to another position or project within the company that requires different access rights

When an employee leaves the company, you need to deactivate this user and make sure that he/she cannot use your Jira and can’t access to any resource in your Jira anymore. There may not be just one user but a number of users, then you must deactivate them all.

When an employee is assigned to a different position or project, you need to grant new access rights to the user and/or revoke some of the user’s existing access rights.

There might also be cases where you’ve created the user but the user hasn’t logged in for a long time. In this case, you may choose to deactivate the user.

In addition to the cases above, as a part of user recertification process you need to periodically check your users' status and rights to make sure that product access is limited to those who still have a valid business purpose and they have access only to what they need. By doing this, you both increase your security and manage your cost more effectively.

If you have a high number of users, it will take a considerable amount of time to check each individual user’s last activity time and product access rights one by one. This app provides solutions help you simplify this process.

1. List Users

Users are listed in a sortable table. You can sort users by clicking the table header. Users can be filtered by site access, last activity time. You can also filter user name and email by typing into “Contains text“ field.

2. Grant/Revoke Access

Grant/revoke product access individually or in bulk.

3. Activate/Deactivate Users

Deactivate/activate users individually or in bulk.

Use Cases

Deactivate users who have not logged in for more than 90 days

  1. Select “site access:enabled”

  2. Selet “site last activity before 90 days”, then users who have not logged in for more than 90 days will be listed.

  3. Select all users by clicking the select all checkbox.

  4. Disable site access for the selected users by clicking the “Bulk Access Actions“ → “Disable Site Access“.

Deactivate users who are invited to login but not logged in and setup an account for more than 7 days after the invite

  1. Select “site access:enabled”.

  2. Select “site last activity before 2000-01-01”. 2000-01-01 is a such a past date so that only users who have not logged in will be listed.

  3. Click on the table column named “created” so that the table will be sorted by user creation date.

  4. Select the users whose created column value is 7 days before.

  5. Disable site access for the selected users by clicking the “Bulk Access Actions“ → “Disable Site Access“.


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