Status Time Reports App


Getting Started

Using Status Time Reports app, you can generate reports for time in status or assignee, group statuses to get lead time&cycle time, identify process bottlenecks and take actions.

After installation of Status Time Reports app, the app will appear on the top navigation bar of your Jira under Apps. You can click on the app and start using it.

You can also add this app as a gadget and use on your dashboards.

App Usage

1. Search Issues

You can search issues by Project, Issue Type, Status, Assignee, Issue Creation Date and JQL Query.

  • Project

  • Issue Type

  • Status

  • Assignee

  • Issue Creation Date

By clicking on +More button (next to the Created field), you can list date fields and filter your issues according to any of these date fields.

  • JQL Query

2. Calendar Configuration

Status durations are calculated according to the working calendar you have. 

By default, the app comes with two calendars.

  • 24/7 Calendar: There is neither daily breaks nor holidays defined.

  • Weekdays 9:00-18:00: As the name implies, it excludes Saturday and Sunday and takes 8 hour of working schedule with 1 hour lunch break. The timezone is set to Europe/Berlin.

 You can modify the existing calendars or add your own calendar via Calendars settings page of the app.

If you choose to use your working calendar, your working schedule will be taken into account. That is, lead time of an issue opened on Friday at 5 PM and closed on Monday at 9 AM will be reported as a few hours rather than 3 days.

3. Duration Format Setting

You can set any duration format among the options under Format section. If you want to export the report and open in MS Excel, we suggest you choose a numeric(Days, Hours, Minutes) duration format.

4. Column Configuration

You can select issue fields and statuses(under Columns section) that you want to see in your report. The selected issue fields and statuses will be shown as columns in your report.

5. Generating Reports

Status Time Reports app mainly provides reports and gadgets based on how much time passed in each status.

It has a dynamic status grouping feature so that you can generate various valuable reports as the following:

  • time in status

  • time in assignee

  • status entry dates and status counts

  • cycle time

    • cycle time for each individual issue

    • average cycle time of all issues

    • cycle time by assignee, cycle time by project and issue type, cycle time by sprint, cycle time by component, cycle time by issue creation week/month

  • lead time

    • lead time for each individual issue

    • average lead time of all issues

    • lead time by assignee, lead time by project and issue type, lead time by sprint, lead time by component, lead time by issue creation week/month

Time in Status

Time in status

Time in Assignee

Time in Assignee

Status Entry Dates and Status Count

Status Entry Dates and Status Count

Cycle Time for Each Individual Issue

Cycle Time for Each Individual Issue by combining statuses

Cycle Time by Assignee

Average Cycle Time by Assignee

Cycle Time by Issue Creation Month

Average Cycle Time by Issue Creation Month

Lead Time for Each Individual Issue

Lead Time for Each Individual Issue

Lead Time by Sprint

Average Lead Time by Sprint

Lead Time by Component

Average Lead Time by Component

Other Reports

The reports that can be generated with this app are not limited to the sample reports given above. You can generate various other reports using the combination of average, median, sum and grouping function over any field.

Dynamic reporting using average median sum and group by any field

6. Further Features

Issue Details View

You can see Status Time on Issue Detail page and when you click on Open Status Time you can reach how long the issue stayed in each status, on which date the issue entered each status and how many times the issue entered to each status.

Link on Issue Detail Page
Issue Detail Page View


You can export reports in CSV file format and open them in MS Excel.

Export button at top right corner

7. Access Settings

You can view and update access settings for Issue Details View and Status Time reports&gadget. You can enable/disable access per project, users, groups or project role.

8. How-To Videos

You can reach how-to videos of Status Time Reports app on our Youtube channel.

If you need help or want to ask questions, please contact us through our Service Management or via email to