Project Roles - Groups and Users App

Getting Started

Using Project Roles - Groups and Users app, you can see who has which role in your projects.

App Usage

Project Members

Project members may need different levels of access rights to perform their daily tasks. It is recommended that you group these project members under roles based on their responsibilities within the project. Thus, you can come up with a simplified and more secure user-access management process enabling you have a better control over the functions and information provided by whatever tool or software you are using.

For Jira, you can use built-in Project Roles feature to create roles for your project and assign users and/or groups to these roles. It provides a flexible way to manage your users and their permissions within your project.

Project administrators can see all project roles and modify them whenever needed. Sometimes, project members may need to see who else is working on the same project or may need to know who is assigned for what role. However, by default Jira project roles are only visible to project administrators and project members cannot see who has which role in the project.

This app introduces a new tab to your projects named "Project Roles" and this page displays the project roles and the users/groups assigned to these roles within your projects. Thus, any project member can get a full picture of the project roles that they are working on.

Jira Administrators

In addition to project members, this app introduces "Project Roles" page for Jira administrators with 2 different and valuable views:

  • Projects -> Users View: Jira administrators can list all projects and see associated project roles with assigned groups/users on a single page.

  • Users -> Projects View: Jira administrators can list all users and see assigned project roles and projects on a single page.

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